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Trading Watch List 05.24.2017

Slow grind up continues in the market after SPY defended a year long trend line. SPY back to the “V” shape grind up move over 20 MA as I …

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Hot Stocks: SGMS, MU, MTOR

Trading Watch List 05.26.2017

How To Use The VWAP Fizzle To Day Trade Falling Retail Stocks

With current bank regulations a pervasive drop in economic dynamism should come as no surprise

Did the “Plunge Protection Team” Save the Market?

Current bank swimwear does not stop some to be caught swimming naked when the tide goes out, just the contrary.

The Golden Conspiracy

My Watchlist for Friday, May 26

Noram Ventures poised for maiden resource at Clayton Valley

Noram Ventures Inc poised for maiden resource at Clayton Valley

Thursday update

Point Loma Resources shareholder lifts interest to almost 18% with latest share buy

Range Energy gets $2mln convertible loan from major shareholder

Does Golden Arrow valuation reflect Silver Standard tie-up? poses Epstein

Does Golden Arrow valuation reflect major Silver Standard tie-up, poses Epstein

The Bullish Silver Lining In The Oil Price Collapse

OPEC meeting dominates oil prices and disappoints….so far!

Trending: Brazil Equities Tumble on Political Wobbles

Bank of Montreal gets bearish vibes from Eight Capital

Cadence will use key stakes in major lithium growth companies as platform for further growth

US Firm Launches First Rocket into Space From Private Site

Nations need unions that represent the unemployed and to get a small universal basic income going, before it's too late

Biocryst Pharmaceuticals shares swell on positive clinical trial findings

Beat Your Meat With The "Street"

Abercrombie & Fitch rallies on sales and bid hopes

Even Trump Can’t Save Coal Miners…

Bacanora issues shares at a small premium

Sears sales slump not as severe as feared

Federally Fueled Thursday – WTF?

Small Cap Value Report (Part 1) - Thu 25 May 2017 - FEVR, RBG, EHG, BLV, MMX, BOOT, FLO, REDX